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Maya Massafera makes a mistake in announcing her pregnancy; understand

Maya Massafera makes a mistake in announcing her pregnancy; understand

Maya Massafera has sparked controversy on social media

On the night of this Monday 8th, Maya Massafera took social media by storm after committing a gaffe Emilia Garcia. The influencer commented on the photo of her friend and her boyfriend, Victor Igohcongratulating the couple on their pregnancy.

“I am so happy that Emily Garcia and Victor Igoh are pregnant. May this baby only bring more joy to the couple,” famous Maya.

However, some time later, Emily denied the information, joking that her belly got bigger from eating so many burgers.

“That’s bullshit, woman. Guys.”he stressed. “This is crazy, Maya! I’m just bloated from the trip, from all the burgers,” completed.

Emily even sent Maya a message: “Where did you find out I’m pregnant?” he asked, to which the presenter replied: “Isn’t it?” “My friend, it’s shit for all the hamburgers I ate on the trip”reinforced Emily.

So, Victor Igoh’s girlfriend had to speak out on the matter again:

“My phone is going crazy on WhatsApp. Everyone is asking me if it’s true, they’re wishing me a happy birthday. What was wrong? I’m not pregnant. I didn’t understand Maya’s comment, she says someone told her. If that were true, I would keep quiet and not deny it, because I’m not lying to you. It has nothing to do with it. Up until these days I’ve been drinking at the disco, I’m just swollen from the trip, pimples, but I’m not pregnant”, he has declared.

I wait:

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