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Winter Fashion 2024: 5 Accessory Trends for the Season

Winter Fashion 2024: 5 Accessory Trends for the Season

Winter Fashion 2024: 5 Accessory Trends for the Season

Want to stay up to date on the accessories that will be in fashion this winter? Discover the main trends of the period here

In a good look, the Accessories They are almost as important as the clothes themselves. After all, they can add extra sparkle or completely kill a look, so they always need to be chosen very carefully. And, every season, new accessory trends emerge to try and appreciate.

This does not mean that you should follow all of them, as it is also important to consider your own preferences and personal style. However, it is always interesting to take a look at what is in fashion at the moment to find new ideas and try the ones that best suit you.

See below 5 accessories that will be This year’s winter fashion trendaccording to Luana Cabral, semi-jewelry specialist and founder of Luah Semijoias:


The expert explains that, after the last seasons of quiet luxury and minimalism (which won’t be left behind entirely), maximalism must re-emerge. “Whether it’s earrings, necklaces, bracelets… The idea this season is to invest in an accessory that really stands out in your look and, preferably, in gold,” says Luana Cabral.


Hoops are always a classic, but they will be even more popular in winter fashion 2024. “Here, smooth, textured or even different rings are worthwhile. Those who do not give up a more elegant look can opt for small and delicate versions. Fashionistas should invest in larger models, which give a touch of the 2000s to their look,” says the expert.


This trend generally falls under the maximalism category, as bracelets tend not to be as subtle. And since cold days call for long-sleeved clothing, the pro tip is to layer the accessory over the top of your outfit, adding a modern edge to the look.


They were the main trend of last season and are still alive for winter 2024. “Not only in the hair, because bows also appear in accessories, such as earrings and cords. They add a special charm to the look, making it more delicate and feminine,” says Luana Cabral.


Finally, the expert comments that both the cherry symbol and its color will be a very significant part of the 2024 winter fashion.

“You can create a super fun look with cherry earrings, for example. For those who prefer a more classic and elegant look, focusing on color is the best choice, such as an earring with cherry quartz details, for example,” she says.

Source: Terra

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