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4 Investments to Increase Your Earnings

4 Investments to Increase Your Earnings

Unlock the potential of your finances with smart and profitable options

Investing is a fundamental strategy for building and growing personal and business capital, enabling future income. However, investing intelligently requires knowledge, planning, and careful analysis of market conditions.

To help you with this process, check out 4 types of promising investments!

1. Direct Treasury Bills

OR Direct Treasury Department is a Brazilian government program that allows individuals to purchase federal government bonds. Options such as Treasury Selic, Treasury IPCA and Treasury Prefixed serve different investor profiles, providing protection against inflation and stability.

The Tesouro Direto “is considered a safe investment, since the bonds are issued by the government itself. It also has a low cost, liquidity at maturity guaranteed by the National Treasury and accessibility, since it is possible to start investing with small sums”, explains financial analyst Valtair Justino.

2. Bank Certificates of Deposit (CDB)

Another investment option is the CDB, or bank certificate of deposit, a fixed income security issued by banks to raise funds from investors. In this way the bank raises funds and the investor receives a rate of return on the invested capital, which can be fixed, post-fixed or hybrid. The institution uses the CDB to obtain credit for its operations, which can include lending and other financial activities.

LCI and LCA are exempt from personal income tax and are guaranteed by the Credit Guarantee Fund

3. Real Estate Letters of Credit (LCI) and Agri-food Letters of Credit (LCA)

LCI and LCA are fixed income securities issued by Financial Institution with the aim of raising resources to finance the real estate and agri-food sectors respectively. They are exempt from personal income tax and are guaranteed by the Credit Guarantee Fund (FGC).

4. Real estate funds (Flls)

Although FIIs carry more risks than government bonds, they are a safe way to invest in real estate. They provide regular income through rentals and have the potential for capital appreciation. However, unlike others, it is essential to understand how this type of investment works so as not to lose money.

“Just as there are good doctors and bad doctors, there are also interesting real estate funds and others that are not. If good funds can make you earn a lot moneythe bad ones can cause big losses. So choose very carefully what to invest in,” explains financial analyst Valtair Justino.

Source: Terra

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