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Pregnant, Iza announces the end of the relationship with the player Yuri Lima: ‘He cheated on me’

Pregnant, Iza announces the end of the relationship with the player Yuri Lima: ‘He cheated on me’

The singer revealed the situation in a video posted on social media and asked for respect; She is expecting her first daughter

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Singer Iza announced the end of her relationship with footballer Yuri Lima. In a video posted on social media this Wednesday 10, she stated the reasonhi, a betrayal on his part and asked “to respect her moment.” She is six months pregnant with her first daughter.

“There are many people out there who admire me, but also people who don’t always understand exactly what I mean. It’s always difficult, right? Who knows when I share something. I much prefer to protect myself from this kind of thing. But in this situation I don’t see another solution, I don’t see another way out. I think that, in fact, this broth has already been poured. And I really wanted to come and talk to you here, in person, so you could see me and hear from me. That me and Yuri Lima, the player, are no longer a couple,” he began.

She explained that he cheated on her with someone he had a relationship with before he started a relationship with Iza and that the two never stopped talking.

“He tricked me. I can’t believe I’m saying this. I had conversations with someone who had been with her before, before being with me, I had conversations with her. He never stopped talking to her. And you will get to know her, because she really wants to get to know you. You talk to her at a high level and for me that is already a big betrayal of trust,” Iza stressed.

“At that moment I thought I had to get ahead of myself, get ahead of myself, because I know a lot of people will come later and ask me, ‘Did you know? Did you know?’. It happened and I won’t say anything else: we are no longer together, I discovered this betrayal of trust. Without trust there is no relationship. And I’m pregnant. I need peace now, tranquility, and that’s all I’ll say about it. Usually there are controversies, little things like that, and my team deals with it and I don’t say anything, but I think this is pretty hairy. I think it’s the biggest low that’s ever happened in my life,” he lamented.

Iza concluded by saying that she will deal with the situation in due time. Yuri has not yet commented on the news of the breakup on social media.

Source: Terra

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