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The painful last moments of the famous presenter’s wife and daughters before they were murdered are revealed

The painful last moments of the famous presenter’s wife and daughters before they were murdered are revealed

John Hunt, a horse racing commentator for ‘BBC Five Live’, is dealing with tragedy after his wife, Carol, and daughters, Louise and Hannah, were murdered on the night of July 9.

According to the Daily Mail report, the presenter returned to his home in north-west London after work around 7pm to find all three injured.

The people reported that paramedics who arrived at the home did their “best efforts” to save them, according to authorities. However, they failed.

The main suspect in the crime is Kyle Clifford, 26, who is believed to be Louise’s ex-boyfriend, the Sun reports.

At a press conference, Jon Simpson, chief inspector, explained that the subject had used “a crossbow” in his attack, although it is also possible that he used “other weapons”.

Police sources told the British newspaper that the victims were allegedly “tied up before being shot”. His assailant escaped after committing the crime.

These would be the last moments of John Hunt’s wife and daughters

After learning what had happened, a neighbor revealed what the final moments of Carol, 61, Louise, 25 and Hannah, 28, would have been like.

The man, 46, who asked not to be named, told the PA news agency he heard noises coming from John Hunt’s family home, which is on a “quiet alley.”

“It was between 6:30 and 7 p.m. last night. “It literally sounded like kids, someone screaming, and then it got louder and I thought, ‘It’s definitely a woman screaming,'” she recalled.

“Within 15 minutes, it was absolute chaos. “There were armed agents running and shouting ‘Stay home’, blocking our way and basically closing us in,” he added.

He pointed out that many ambulances, helicopters and uniformed officers in their cars quickly arrived in the area and are interrogating the residents.

Reflecting on what happened, she said: “It’s very, very stressful now to think that it happened in such a close location and none of us knew about it and nobody could help.”

“I think that’s the overwhelming thing, that it happened during peak family time, between 6 and 7 p.m., when people were probably cooking for their little ones and getting them ready for bed,” she explained.

“And all of us, on a narrow little street, completely oblivious to the trauma and tragic circumstances that other people were going through at that particular moment,” he concluded.

Alleged killer of John Hunt’s wife and daughters arrested and wounded

On July 10, Sky News announced that, after hours of manhunting, Kyle Clifford, the man allegedly responsible for the deaths of John Hunt’s wife and daughters, had been found and arrested.

Officers said they found him injured and clarified that their elements did not attack him to arrest him.

The media captured images of the moment the accused was carried out on a stretcher from Pantheon Hill Cemetery, Enfield. There he received medical attention.

So far, Hunt has not commented on this tragedy. His condolences were sent by fellow broadcaster Mark Chapman during the Euro 2024 match broadcast this afternoon.

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Daughters and husband of a famous presenter died: suspect who took their lives was arrested at the cemetery

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