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Karen Jonz on the first concert of her life at Rock in Rio: “It’s like playing a spaceship game and NASA is calling me”

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Pioneer of Brazilian women’s skateboarding, Karen invests in music after the release of the album “Papel de Carta” and talks about the feeling of “not belonging” and upcoming plans

Karen Jonz he can be called a “pioneer” in several ways. First Brazilian skater to be world champion skateboard vertical, it was also one of the biggest highlights of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 and won the audience by talking about sports, motherhood and personal life in a light and fun way on television and on social networks.

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Now, Karen can also say that she played the first show of her career on one of the stages of Rock in Rio. The skater was invited to play at the Itaú Arena on the last day of the festival, with a line-up dedicated only to female attractions.

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In a video interview with Estadio, the artist says he didn’t think of saying no, but that the invitation was a big surprise. “My plans were completely different. I just wanted to keep composing music, recording and making videos and then the invitation ‘rocked’ everything for me,” she says.

He says he saw the opportunity as a challenge, as the festival represents the “peak” of their careers for many artists. “It’s like I’m playing a little spaceship game and suddenly the NASA call me to drive a rocket, “he jokes.

At the show, Karen played and sang songs that are part of her first album, Writing paperand it took seven years to be released.

According to the skater, the launch came at the right time after a series of events, such as the pandemic of COVID-19, motherhood and an Olympic competition in which she tried to qualify. “It was the moment when the music shone and she said, ‘Hey, I’m here. Do you remember me?'” She says.

‘Writing paper’ and the feeling of ‘not belonging’

Writing paper it brings an aesthetic that refers to the 90s and also the tonic of “a feeling of being misunderstood, of being alone, of having difficulty breathing and finding oneself”. Karen says that after writing about these topics since childhood, she has had no problem exposing her vulnerabilities.

The singer says that, since she began to approach skateboarding, she began to have a feeling of “not belonging” that accompanies her and that inspired the lyrics. Lei jonz she says she was one of the only girls to practice sport.

“We were a group of ‘fish out of water’. So, [essa sensação] a lot already stemmed from wanting to belong and not being accepted by men, places, environments, circumstances, events. We have always been the excluded ones, the ones who stayed until the end, the ones who didn’t have what they wanted, “he reflects.

Although her parents always encouraged her to skate, there was still a separation in the family environment. “While my sister was with a group of teenagers in the bedroom doing makeup, I was with four guys in the garage ‘banging the wheel’ and playing the drums,” she says.

Upcoming projects and the influence of skateboarding on music

The sport has brought several elements of skateboarding into the spread of Writing paper – even launched an album-inspired skateboard for promotion. When asked if there is a separation between “Sport Karen” and “Music Karen”, she hesitates.

“Maybe I’m the same person. I don’t think I’m the Jack Johnsonwhich carries the to surf in songs, or the crybaby, who has done skateboarding shows. But, inevitably, the skateboard is in my compositions, in my being, in every cell of my body. There’s no way to separate it, “she muses.

For her, the new album was an opportunity to get to know a side of her “that you don’t see much”. “There is this part of strength, of those who chase, she participates in events and breaks the barriers, but there is also the little girl who cries alone on the pillow because she cannot bear so much pressure,” she says.

Now, Jonz plans to release a deluxe version of the album with “good surprises” and is aiming for other festivals besides Rock in Rio, such as Lollapalooza or Spring sound. His main focus, however, is to make shows where he enjoys and interacts more with the audience.

“I think I’m always going to be nervous, but I want to get to a point where I’m going to say, ‘Okay, I’m having more fun than I’m nervous,'” she says.

* Trainee under the supervision of Charlise de Morais

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