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Rodrigo Mussi eye surgery: ‘For months I did not see the beauty of things’

Six months after his accident, the former BBB underwent an eye procedure to improve his vision.

Rodrigo Mussi shared this Saturday, 1st, that she underwent a new surgical procedure. This time, the former BBB, who wore eyeglasses, underwent an ophthalmological procedure to improve his eyesight.

Rodrigo Mussi

“I am here to share a very important moment with you. For months I did not see the beauty of things, I was in a desert that ends today,” said Rodrigo.

According to him, he had tripled his degree on glasses, trying to get used to wearing lenses. Therefore, he decided to undergo surgery. “Today is exactly 6 months since the accident and I never thought about giving up on this fight,” he said.

The digital influencer took the opportunity to thank the medicine, who helped him even more after the serious accident in March. “I have never stopped thinking about how noble medicine is. Technology, the skills of healthcare professionals and advanced studies are extremely important in saving lives. This is transformative,” he reflected.

Rodrigo Mussi and his doctor Rodrigo Magalhães

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Source: Terra

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