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Invaders: How does it end?

Warning, spoilers. The following article describes the main plot of “Invaders” and its ending.

A true classic of the extraterrestrial genre, The Invaders, created by Larry Cohen, lasted only 2 seasons. Two chapters that were enough to make a lasting impact on the world of the small screen.

Indeed, ABC’s flagship sci-fi series has become a benchmark for extraterrestrial paranoia over time and has greatly influenced the culture of the alien world and future series such as The X-Files.

A Cold War allegory, The Invaders was the story of architect David Vincent (Roy Thinnes) who came across evidence of an alien invasion, the latter masquerading as humans and gradually infiltrating human institutions. He then tries to stop the attack, despite the disbelief of officials and the public, and opposition from the aliens to stop his efforts.

Invaders left television orbit for good on March 26, 1968 with Season 2 episode 26, “Inquisition.” France will have to wait until February 15, 1972 to find out the conclusion of the iconic series. conclusion? Not really… Canceled without warning, the show unfortunately didn’t bring the resolution that all fans were hoping for.

However, ABC’s decision to cancel The Invaders was surprising, as the series achieved respectable ratings. It appears that a deep disagreement (both over the production of the series itself and the artistic elements) between producer Kevin Martin and the chain’s executives is at the root of this very cruel ending…

Edgar Scoville (Kent Smith) and David Vincent meet with Senator Robert Brading (Alex Gehry) in Washington: they warn him that his friend, Arthur Coy, the senior adviser of the National Security Council, is an alien or their ally. . Indeed, Scoville and Vincent insist that koi are always around when they step up to the plate.

But the senator doesn’t believe them and describes Coe as a “loyal American” who he rejects for the witch hunt. He accuses Scoville of being a real threat to this country and wonders if the government is right to give him and his company defense contracts. Angered, he ends his tirade by wishing them a good day, causing Scoville and Vincent to leave.

As they have just left the office, Breeding’s secretary (Mary Gregory), who was present during the interview, notices that a bag has been left in the room and rushes to the elevator before Scoville and Vincent can. Even though Scoville already has the case in hand, he then asks Vincent if he would leave it. The latter says that he didn’t bring the briefcase at all, and that’s when an explosion occurs in the senator’s office. The trio rush in and find Breeding dead.

After the tragic event, Scoville and Vincent are invited by Assistant United States Attorney Andrew M. Hatcher’s (Mark Richman) office, who asked reporter Joan Sealy (Susan Oliver) to participate in an interview. The prosecutor asks Scoville and Vincent who is responsible for the explosion: they don’t know.

As he reads the note the secretary made of the meeting with Brading, Hatcher twists the notes to make it seem like the pair had a grudge against the senator who fired them. The prosecutor is especially interested in the fact that they told Brading about the secret organization – the believers. Finally, he will let them go.

Once the prosecutor discusses the investigation alone with one of his colleagues and announces Vincent and Scoville have motive and opportunity, and that if the lab results reveal anything suspicious about the bomb, it will lead to a grand jury.

As she parks her car and heads for the front door of James Boland’s (John Milford), Vincent and Scoville home, journalist Joan Sealy is suddenly stopped by Boland, who threatens her with a gun and forces her into the house. . There, Vincent and Scoville question him about his identity. She introduces herself before telling them that Hatcher is going to take them down.

Although Boland is suspicious of the young woman, Vincent decides that whether she works for the press or for Hatcher, he must see what they are up to. They then show him the communications room in the basement where they track the aliens, as well as a film of NSC advisor Arthur Coe exchanging papers with a man they know to be an alien. They also note that this is the first time an alien has given Koi something in return: an envelope.

Suddenly the phone rings, Scoville answers: Coy has just booked a flight to Paris that evening and has to stop him from leaving. Miss Seeley asks them if she can come with them, but Vincent says he’s seen enough. The young woman doesn’t budge, telling them how she’s been manipulated by Hatcher before, because she can stop him at anything when he sets his mind to it.

During this time, the prosecutor receives information about the bomb: it was made of chalcedony, a material used only by Scoville Industries. But, as he himself says, this is not enough, because the latter could have said that someone could buy this explosive. He needs more evidence, and his prayer is immediately answered, as Dr. Steele Frederickson (Robert H. Harris) comes to him: until now, he has been one of the believers and wants to testify.

With Koi, the latter is in the process of opening the safe, from which he retrieves the same envelope that was given to him on the surveillance footage, before Vincent, gun in hand, and Zell reveal themselves. Vincent then asks him for the envelope, but Koi throws him to the floor and grabs the gun. More quickly, however, Vincent shoots him: Koi’s body then turns red and disappears before the reporter’s astonished eyes, convincing him that aliens are very real.

Returning to the prosecutor, Joan – while seducing him – tries to convince him not to prosecute Scoville and Vincent, revealing some of what she has learned, but not the whole truth. However, Hatcher has decided to go after all the believers and present what he thinks he knows about them to the grand jury. Before leaving, he offers to go out for a drink that evening, she accepts. Joan then warns Vincent about Hatcher’s plan.

At the trial, before the grand jury, Frederickson testifies that the believers decided to kill Breeding if he refused to help them chase Coy. Joan, who is in the assembly, then leaves the room to inform Vincent, who tells her that he has never heard of Frederickson. The latter named him, Scoville, and five other members. Vincent suddenly realizes that the aliens must have known the names of all the believers for some time and that this was designed to kill them and get rid of them.

But there Boland arrives with bad news: he has partially deciphered the documents found in Koi’s house, and what he has so far suggests that the invaders are preparing for the final assault on humanity.

It’s time for Joan and Hatcher to meet. At the restaurant, they reminisce about their past relationship and agree to rekindle it at the young woman’s apartment…but she has a surprise! Vincent and Scoville are there and show Hatcher the documents they got from Coy, also telling him that Coy is dead and gone.

Before leaving, Hatcher says he won’t insist, but once in his car, he immediately takes the handyman’s phone and orders his assistant to add the murder of Coe and the others to the indictment as a conspiracy charge.

When the believers are charged the next day, arrest warrants are issued against Vincent, Scoville and others: Joan then goes to warn them. They tell him their new theory: they believe the aliens are going to use an ultrasonic weapon that requires three transmitters working simultaneously to send out sound waves to kill every living thing on the planet.

The computer they have in the basement is not enough to further decode the alien code and thus know the exact time of the attack and the location of the transmitters. That’s when Scoville suggests going to a new facility being built in Maryland to use the more powerful computer there. But as soon as they leave the house, the police arrive. Scoville sets up a diversion that ends up injuring him, though Boland and Vincent escape in their car.

Joan angrily returns to see Hatcher and tries her best to convince her, but Hatcher still doesn’t believe her. He called her and decides to take her with him to meet the believer. At the same time, Vincent and Scoville arrive in downtown Maryland.

At the safe house, Hatcher considers taking Joan to Frederickson, but when they arrive, only Frederickson’s ashes are left on the bathroom floor. Joan argues that the ashes lend credence to the believers’ story, but Hatcher replies that it’s just a trick and that Frederickson should have jumped out of the bathroom window.

Then comes reports that all the accused believers are either in prison or dead, except for Boland and Vincent, who were spotted near the New Scoville Research Center in Maryland. Hatcher then orders the state police to go there.

Meanwhile, in Maryland, Vincent and Boland crack the alien code and learn that the master transmitter is in the basement of a famous hotel in Washington.

Arriving at the research facility, Joan warns them that the authorities know their location, but before they can escape, the police arrive.

Joanne then decides to create a diversion behind the wheel of Vincent and Boland’s car, thereby drawing the police from downtown, giving Vincent and Boland time to leave on their own. However, before escaping thanks to the latter’s car, Vincent and Boland witness Joan’s accident: indeed, in her pursuit, she loses control of the car.

At the hospital, Hatcher visits Joan. He tells her that he realizes he doesn’t believe her, even though he knows he’s wrong. Hatcher still believes she’s right, but now she’s less sure…

In the basement of the hotel, Vincent and Boland continue their journey, making their way there by posing as a telephone repairman. But when they encounter alien guardians, a confrontation may begin: they end up killing them. However, Boland also finds death.

Now alone, Vincent finally finds the door behind which the transmitter is. He shoots a device that explodes. If the aliens’ plan only works if all three transmitters are online, then it will partially fail…

At the hospital, Vincent runs into Hatcher, who tells him about Joan’s death. He is now convinced that there really is an extraterrestrial threat. Vincent suggests that the aliens are trying to recover the lost transmitter and that the believers will need the help of the Prosecutor, who will accept: he promises to help them in the future.

A voice is heard and tells the story for the last time: thus, Hatcher joins Vincent in the fight against the invaders, Scoville recovers from his injuries, and the three men will now be the leaders in the fight against space aliens, facing ” Invaders that must be stopped. ” The end of the invaders.

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