Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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“Hope, but tense”, says Alessandra Negrini about the presidential elections

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The actress spoke to Terra when she arrived at the hotel where supporters and PT members are following the investigation

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Alessandra Negrini is among the celebrities following the tally of the presidential elections at the Jaraguá hotel, in Sao Paulo, along with supporters and members of the PT, including the candidate Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

With only 30% of electronic voting machines counted, indicating a fierce dispute between Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and Lula, with the candidate for re-election in front of PT, Alessandra was confident, but cautious: “We are confident, but she is tense. An election of this importance is always tense. But it is still too early to say anything. Hope is to win in the first round, “said the actress in an exclusive interview with Land.

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The actress had no difficulty in voting in her electoral district, also in the capital Sao Paulo. “It was quiet. I went walking with the dog and my daughter,” she said.

In addition to being cautious about talking about a possible win for Squid, Alessandra recognizes the challenges that a possible new PT administration will face. “Downplaying the difficulties would be naive of me. The difficulties will be enormous, but Lula has the power, the ability and the genius to deal with it all. She’s a great leader. I have faith in that,” she concluded.

Daniela Mercurio And Bela Gil they also check the counting of votes with supporters and members of the PT in São Paulo.

Follow the results of the first round of elections in real time.

Alessandra Negrini arrives at the hotel where supporters and members of the PT follow the polls

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Source: Terra

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