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Meet Diogo Defante, a comedian who is defying the rules in Qatar

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The World Cup in Qatar started last Sunday (20/11) and one of the most discussed topics behind the scenes in Brazil was not football, but the youtuber Diogo Defante. After all, who is this comedian?

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Defante has become popular in Brazil for his crazy videos and unpredictable behavior. All the most casual things the “crazy journalist” has already done on his YouTube channel.

The Brazilian youtuber was sent to the country to cover the channel of streamer Casimiro Miguel and has attracted public attention for defying the rules of the Islamic religion. “They’ll arrest him right away,” fans said on Twitter.

Qatar is a country that takes the most extreme religious precepts seriously, so much so that it does not allow drinking, is intolerant towards the LGBTQIAP+ community and even prohibits filming people in public. It even seems strange that Defante is alive in the place.

However, none of this bothers the young comedian who is having a great time in the country.

In his early days, Defante has already broken rules such as swearing, photographing locals, dancing with women and wearing clothes that contradict Arab customs.

Did you find little? Know that the youtuber even hatched a plan to have some and smoke a hookah!

In one of the reports on “Cazé TV” the comedian decided to “play with a lion” of a sheikh. Yes, he did it live. It’s okay that he was a puppy, but he took a “bite.”

“He left me with the **** of my hand,” he confessed, after the feline advanced. Will the adventurous boy be able to survive until the end of the Cup?

Check out some of Diogo Defante’s antics in Qatar below.

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