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Jenna Ortega, from ‘Wandinha’, reveals that she performed autopsies on animals when she was a child

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The series starring the actress arrived on Netflix this Wednesday 23

Jenna Ortegalead actress of the series Wandinhawhich arrived at Netflix this Wednesday, the 23rd, he revealed that he was autopsy on animals killed as a child.

The revelation was made during a joke taped by the magazine wiredin which the artist, who is currently 20 years old, discovered the most searched questions about her on the Internet.

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One of the sentences questioned whether she and Maddie Zieglerwith whom he starred in the film Life after in 2021 they were friends. Jenna promptly said yes, and the subject came up.

“She’s very weird and I’m weird, the kind that did autopsies on small animals when I was younger, like little lizards that I found dead in my garden,” he said.

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During the interview, Jenna also revealed other curious facts. According to the actress, she still wore makeup from the horror film X – The sign of death when did you audition for Wandinha🇧🇷

“I had fake blood, sweat in my hair and a cut [falso] giant on my chin and I was awake for 24 hours. I got on Zoom and he [Tim Burton] laughed at me,” he revealed.

Furthermore, Jenna also said that she was only six years old when she decided that she wanted to be an actress and that she had to deliver a dramatic monologue for her mother so that she would realize that her daughter was talented and allowed her to try out her career. . .

Watch the full video (you can use the automatic translation function in the subtitles):

*Intern under the supervision of Charlise Morais

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