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Deolane recalls Maria’s failure at “BBB 22” and says she could have done much worse

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The controversial saga of threats in “A Fazenda 14” continues. Last night, Deolane Bezerra even celebrated the assault on Natalia Deodato in a “missing out” of Maria on “BBB 22”, saying that if it was her, she would have done much worse.

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The memory was not causal. This time, the victim of the evil peoas is a former BBB, the influencer Kerline Cardoso. Until then the aggression had been concentrated against the ex paquita Bárbara Borges

It all started when, in the interval of the performance of the program on Wednesday evening (23/11), Bia Miranda got angry at being called “ugly” during the formation of the 10a roça and responded with offenses against the appearance of Kerline. “Go fix your ears there, Dumbado,” she said, leaving the attendees completely lost with the word. “Right [que você entendeu]Dumba! Go call me ugly because I touch your wounds well, go.”

Kerline, in turn, started laughing at Bia, who retorted: “You never take a stand, when you take a stand, you say shit*.

But the bar weighed only when Pétala Barreiros made threats of violence.

“Call my ugly friend to show you. Outside my sister catches you. I’m not one to hit, but my sister is. Outside, you settle down with my sister,” the peoa shot, changing her voice Childish to one threatening. “I threaten you, yes, out there you can work things out with her. I have never threatened [ninguém]but out there my sister will know how to fix it.”

“Another threat? I don’t even know who your sister is,” Ker said.

“Ah, everything is a threat, a threat, a threat. I’ll tear it off, I’ll drag my face across the asphalt,” Deolane Bezerra shot, entering the topic with his already known “delicacy”.

To complete, the three compared Kerline with the character Popis, from the series “Chaves”. “I’ll tell my mother everything,” they joked.

Moments later, when the show aired again on open TV, presenter Adriane Galisteu startled passers-by by asking what was going on. The question prompted Bia to say she feels like “punching” Kerline in the face.

Gretchen’s niece also reported an alleged assault with a pillow. “I almost gave a pillow to the face of this Kerline here, huh? The desire to hit her in the face is so great. She keeps calling the others ugly”, he justified himself.

Galisteu, as usual, didn’t criticize the violent tone and continued to broadcast the threats in the rural reality. “I heard the weather was hot today,” he commented with a laugh.

The desire to hit Kerline remained present among the three participants even after the end of the TV show. Off the cameras of Record TV, Deolane recalled the “mistake” that Maria made to Natalia.

“Now I understand Maria! I would have done that too. Today I not only understand but I say I wish I had done it harder. I would have done it three times at once,” he said.

It is worth mentioning that Maria’s action resulted in the singer’s expulsion from ‘BBB 22’. Later this year, the rural reality show also ejected two contestants on assault charges.

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