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Edition 14 generates the worst ratings for “A Fazenda” since 2009

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The toxic atmosphere of “A Fazenda 14” is generating a lot of comments, but it has also taken the audience away from the rural reality of Record TV.

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The season of constant threats averaged 7.1 points in Greater São Paulo, according to data from Kantar Ibope. It is the lowest viewership among all editions of the attraction, airing since 2009.

The numbers of “A Fazenda 14” can only surpass a “special” edition of the reality show: “A Fazenda de Verão”, which aired between October 2012 and January 2013 with a different profile. The project only gathered anonymous people, but the public did not embark and the average was only 6.7 points, resulting in cancellation after the premiere.

Apart from “A Fazenda de Verão”, the worst average belonged to season 8, which had Douglas Sampaio as its winner: 8.2.

The last two editions of the show, seasons 12 and 13, have averaged 13 and 9.2 points, respectively.

In practice, this means that “A Fazenda” lost 46% of its audience when it became “Deolândia”.

But even taking a historic downfall, the show still manages to defeat Globo at the end of the night. Earlier this month, with the double elimination of Alex Gallete and Deborah Albuquerque, “A Fazenda 14” reached the top of Brazilian TV for 26 minutes, beating the telenovela “Verdades Secretas 2” – already seen in streaming.

Below is a list of average ratings for all seasons.

“The Farm 1” – 14.3

“The Farm 2” – 9.3

“The Farm 3” – 14.3

“The Farm 4” – 11.4

“The Farm 5” – 10.7

“The Summer Farm” – 6.7

“The Farm 6” – 8.9

“The Farm 7” – 8.8

“The Farm 8” – 9.4

“The Farm 9” – 8.6

“The farm 10” – 9.8

“The Farm 11” – 8.2

“The Farm 12” – 13.0

“The Farm 13” – 9.2

“The Farm 14” – 7.1

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