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Kevin Spacey at the cinema awaiting a retrial for harassment

Actor Kevin Spacey (“House of Cards”) will lend his voice to the villain in “Control,” an indie film written and directed by Gene Fallaize (“Superman: Requiem”). “Control” is being produced in England, the same country where Spacey is facing new sexual abuse allegations.

The plot of the film will follow the Home Secretary of the United Kingdom (played by Lauren Metcalfe) who is in a relationship with the Prime Minister (Mark Hampton). One night, while he is driving home, another man (Spacey) plans to remotely hijack his car – which is completely autonomous -, putting it in danger in the middle of the traffic of the London streets.

Spacey is not expected to appear in the film, which has already been filmed and doesn’t have a release date.

News of his casting comes two weeks after the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) revealed the actor faces seven more UK sex offender charges, bringing his total charges to 12.

He was already on trial in the UK on five other counts of sexual assault. The allegations were made by three men and relate to the time Spacey was living in London and serving as artistic director of the Old Vic theatre. He pleaded not guilty to all of them in July and will return to court in June 2023 to defend himself.

The new charges come nearly a month after a New York jury cleared him of a $40 million civil suit, finding he had not molested actor Anthony Rapp (“Star Trek: Discovery”) when the informant was a teenager.

Despite being cleared in that case, the actor was accused by more than 20 men of sexual misconduct, a volume so expressive it rocked his career.

Since Rapp’s initial indictment in 2017, he has been barred from the ‘House of Cards’ series (as crew members made their own allegations against him) and also lost his role in the film ‘All the Money in the World’ (2017).), having been replaced by Christopher Plummer after the film was ready – filming is happening at an accelerated pace so that the film does not miss its premiere date.

Spacey was also ordered to pay $31 million in damages to production company MCR for the cancellation of the ‘House of Cards’ series, after the judge in the case found his behavior was responsible for Netflix’s decision to terminate the series. award winning series.

But other charges brought against him ended up not going forward for different reasons. Two accusers who subpoenaed him died before their cases reached court. Norwegian writer Ari Behn, former husband of the Princess of Norway, committed suicide on Christmas 2019, three months after the sudden death of a masseur who blamed the actor.

Finally, Spacey had another lawsuit, filed by a boy who was 18 at the time of the molestation, which was abruptly terminated on the eve of the trial.

Thanks to lack of conviction, Spacey was able to return to acting in an Italian film, “The Man Who Drawn God”, directed by and starring Franco Nero. He also played a villain in the low-budget film “Peter Five Eight”, which was been taken to the Marché du Film, the commercial market of the Cannes Film Festival, to obtain international distributors.

In addition, Spacey will hold a masterclass at the National Museum of Italian Cinema in Turin, where he will also receive a Lifetime Achievement Award. The event will take place on January 16, 2023.

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