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Fred, from Desimpedidos, returns to Qatar and explains why he came to Brazil in the middle of the World Cup

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The influencer has countered the controversy created around his visit to the country

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cold he responded to the rumors created upon his return to Brazil. Through a sequence of Instagram Stories, the presenter of Desimpedidos spoke of the longing he felt for his son Cris during the coverage of the World Cup and denied that he returned to the country due to the trip of ex-partner Bianca Andrade — the influencer of Boca Rosa — to the event “Farofa da Gkay “.

– I take this opportunity to talk about the “saga” born on the occasion of my return to Brazil in the middle of the World Cup. I only came back because I missed my son. I was supposed to spend 36 days working there, but in the middle of the project, I missed my son. I succeeded and went back to stay with him for at least a few days – he said.

Continuing his explanation, Fred reiterated that the return to Brazil has nothing to do with Boca Rosa and criticized the rumors created about the situation.

Fred and his son Cris (Photo: Playback/Instagram

– They created a lot of theories: they said that I came back because of Gkay’s Farofa, which I honestly didn’t even know was happening, they said that Bianca was going to the Farofa and she had to leave her son with someone and I had to go back . Folks, for God’s sake. They said I came back to pay to be a good father and that I insist on proving I’m a good father to damage Bianca’s image in the media. I think you have no idea how good my relationship with Bianca is. And if that were the case (going from Boca Rosa to Farofa from Gkay), that would be fine, that’s her job. So stop making things up—she completed her.

According to Fred, his visit to his son was due to Brazil’s early qualification for the round of 16, and with that, he was able to fly back to the country to attend a World Cup match alongside his 1-year-old. old son. The youtuber and Cris followed the matches of the Brazilian national team and the one against Cameroon, in the last round of the group stage, and the duel of the round of 16, against South Korea. The commentator returns to Qatar to report on the final tournament .

Coinciding with Fred’s arrival in Brazil to spend a few days with his son, Bianca Andrade is one of the influencers present at the “Farofa da Gkay” event.

Conceived by influencer Gessica Kayane, “Farofa da Gkay” has several musical attractions and hundreds of influencers. The three-day event is a celebration of Paraíba’s birthday and has been held since 2017, with a year-long hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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