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Hypertension: here’s what to avoid

Know some foods that can be harmful for someone with hypertension

In the same way that there are foods that help control and prevent high blood pressure, there are those that are quite harmful to patients with the disease or increase the chances of getting the disease. Therefore, being aware of what to avoid in food is so important.

Diet is an important factor in controlling high blood pressure.

big bad

Excessive salt intake is one of the major contributing factors increased blood pressure🇧🇷 Therefore, recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) is to ingest up to 5 g per day.

It is also not recommended to completely remove it from the diet. “Excess salt is harmful, however, we must remember that our body needs a minimum amount of salt in the diet,” says cardiologist Dr. Francesco Maia.

Other dangerous foods

Elaine Pavosqui, nutritionist specialist in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism, adds that, in addition to excess refined salt, other types of food they are also quite harmful, such as: processed, sausages, canned foods, packaged snacks, industrialized soups, instant noodles, ready-made condiments, industrialized juice powders and carbonated diet drinks.

“The correct substitute for a good diet is to avoid these elements and introduce more natural foods, always avoiding overdoing it. Consume the quantities recommended by nutritionists”, suggests the professional.

Patients with hypertension should adjust their diet to control the disease

Power adjustments are required

For a healthy diet that helps reduce high pressure, some modifications and substitutions must be taken into consideration. However, Elaine Pavosqui believes that no type of food should be prohibited, but adapted to the preparation and ingestion, so that the diet is possible and attractive for everyone’s daily life.

patient effort

Successful treatment and prevention often depends on patient effort. This doesn’t always mean undergoing deprivations or sacrifices, but, yes, changes in some habits, starting with food🇧🇷

“Several studies already demonstrate the influence of a good diet for the treatment of hypertension. disease treatment and preventionthe patient should avoid fatty foods, excess carbohydrates with a high glycemic index, industrialized foods that contain a high sodium content and table salt itself”, warns nutritionist Reila Satel, postgraduate in clinical nutrition.

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