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Chris Hemsworth responds to Cate Blanchett after posing with Thor at Disneyland

“What a nice reunion,” the actor commented. “Though I’m still upset about the whole Mjolnir thing.”


    After his tight Oscar run, Cate Blanchett has decided to star in a most special meeting with her Marvel “brothers”in the most magical place on Earth: disneyland.

    The actress, who ultimately did not win the award for her performance in ‘Tár’, posed for a photo with the amusement park actors who play Loki and Thor.

    The image has not gone unnoticed by one of his co-stars, Chris Hemsworth, who has taken advantage of the moment to make a comment through his Twitter account.

    “What a nice meeting.” commented the actor. “Even though I’m still upset about the whole Mjolnir thing…

    In the 2017 film, directed by Taika Waititi, Blanchett gave life to Hela, the dark sister of Thor and Loki, who came to Asgard in search of revenge.and ready to annihilate everything in its path (among others, Thor’s beloved hammer, Mjolnir, which she was able to crush with hardly a ruffle).

    cate blanchett in thor

    After the events that happened in the third solo movie of the superhero, we could see the people of Asgard take refuge in a Nordic region of Midgard (Earth), where they could start a new life. After this, ‘Love and Thunder’ came to our screens, the fourth film focused on the God of Lightning.


    If yours is Marvel and all the adventures of your favorite superheroes, you have the full movies available at streaming in the Disney+ catalog.

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