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Claudia Leitte shows the change of look and surprises the followers. See before and after!

Claudia Leitte has used social networks to show the change of look she has undergone. The singer’s new look surprised fans.

Claudia Leitte joined the team celebrities who changed their look in 2023. Like this many otherssinger showed off the new look on social networks and surprised her followers.

In a reel posted on Instagram, Claudia Leitte appeared with shorter hair. “Cabelin na ruler because I love to deal cards!” wrote the singer, who was one of highlights of this year’s Carnival.

In the comments, followers highly praised Claudia Leitte’s new look. “Rqpaz, you are brand new! God bless you!” she wrote one. “The famous phrase: it’s beautiful anyway! How can that be?” marveled another. “Everything about you is perfect,” a third melted.

Claudia Leitte celebrates 16 years of marriage with Márcio Pedreira

In early March, Claudia Leitte took to social media to celebrate 16 years of marriage with Márcio Pedreira. In one publication, the singer released a reel with different moments of the two together.

“It’s been 16 years since I said ‘yes’ to my love! Mario, I love you so much! Much! For a life full of sunsets by your side, because everything in me is more beautiful with you! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Ps. I will put a cropped to have a wine with it. Eitaaaa!” the singer wrote at the time.

Together, Claudia and Márcio are the parents of Davi, 13, Rafael, 9, and Bela, 3.

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