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Joana Sanz responds to a letter from Daniel Alves and gives advice to followers. Watch!

Joana Sanz posted an emotional text on social media about the latest events in her life. The publication can be seen as a response to Daniel Alves’ letter.

During this week, Daniel Alves sent a letter THE Joana Sanz after knowing about the model’s decision to file for divorce. The player is arrested since January 20th accused of having raped a young woman in a nightclub in Spain. This Thursday (23), the model published an exciting text about the latest events in her life.

As she recounted when announcing the split, Joana Sanz likes to express her feelings through words. In the new publication, the model responded to the letter from Daniele AlvesWhat reacted badly to the separation, and even reflected on his life through a text.

To complete the post, a video summed up everything that Joana Sanz has experienced: in the images, she is shown crying on a bed, being cuddled by her dog, working, exercising and having fun with friends.

Check out the full text by Joana Sanz

“The feeling is that you leave, that it hurts so much that you don’t want that internal pain anymore, that you have to externalize it as a wound to heal it. But you can’t. The only thing you can do is cry, accept and overcome. Do it for yourself, in what makes you feel good, in what takes you out of the bond of sadness”.

“For me, the support of my friends, my family, my trainers, people who work with me, my animals and of course my psychologist has helped a lot. Strengthen your body and mind, even if you don’t want anything, you can. You have a lot to do in this life, don’t give up…

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