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Danny Masterson: The ’70s Show’ actor convicted of rape

In a new trial, the artist, who was arrested, faces 30 years to life in prison.

Known for TV series That show from the 70s, Danny Masterson was convicted rape two women, in a retrial this Wednesday 31. The jury of seven women and five men found the 47-year-old actor guilty in two cases, but failed to reach a verdict on the third.

Three women she reported that she was sexually assaulted by Masterson between 2001 and 2003, at the actor’s home in Los Angeles, according to law enforcement. In 2017 the Netflix fired the actor from the series The ranch, after reports were released in the press. In 2022, the case returned to the jury, but it was cancelled because they have not been able to reach a consensus.

Masterson denied the allegations and linked them to a controversial documentary series, Scientology and the aftermath, of the actress Lia Remini against his cult. He also said in a statement that he was “disappointed” by Netflix’s decision.

“Authorities have investigated these allegations for over 15 years and determined they are baseless. I have never been charged with a crime, much less convicted of one. In this country you are innocent until proven guilty. However, in the current climate, it feels like you’re being found guilty the moment you’re charged,” he said.

Source: Terra

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