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Married, Bela Gil says she has had several relationships

Presenter Bela Gil Surprises When She Says She Had Three Relationships While Married: ‘It Was Passion’

beautiful Gil surprised GNT viewers by detailing their relationship, which ended in January, spanning nearly two decades. The presenter recalled having had other relationships within her marriage.

“I have experienced three long and deep relationships during these years of marriage. It was passion, it was love. In just over half of the relationship I fell in love and was able to live, because he knew what I was going through. He just didn’t want to see, know the details. I respected that. And it worked very well. Our marriage didn’t end with other relationships. There were other problems.”she said, referring to her ex-husband, João Paulo Demasi.

Additionally, Bela said she wants to have nearly as much freedom to resume a serious relationship, as she believes she can fall in love with more than one person. “I totally believe in it. I’ve lived it and it’s really beautiful”completed.


When asked if she felt jealous, the girl said no: “I’m a non-jealous person. I’ve tried to bring myself to therapy. I don’t know, maybe I was born without that possession thing. But maybe I never got into a relationship that got me to that place. My relationship with JP was healthy, we had a lot of security”he concluded.

Source: Terra

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