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Preta Gil’s ex-husband has denied help to the singer while he was traveling with his lover

Rodrigo Godoy let Preta Gil undergo cancer treatment on her own

Rodrigo Godoyex husband of Black Gil refused to support the singer, who was hospitalized due to treatment for bowel cancer, as she traveled with her lover.

According to the reporter Leone Dias, the artist would have called the personal trainer, who was in Uruguay, to ask him to return early from the trip. He refused.

Godoy returned to Brazil just three days later. The heartthrob was still caught landing with Ingrid Lima, former stylist of Preta. Until then, Rodrigo’s relationship with Ingrid was not known to Rodrigo’s daughter. Gilberto Gil.

At the time, staff said the trip was for work, to “evaluate the feasibility of a possible deal”.

Source: Terra

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