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After a pin prick, Erika Schneider counters Mileide Mihaile

Erika Schneider drops the verb, after Mileide Mihaile’s pin prick in a podcast

Recently, Mileide Mihaile shaded to Erika Schneider during a chat on the podcast of Gabi Prado and former dancer Faustão he ended up refuting the comment.

When asked about Erika, the singer’s ex Wesley Safadao he replied: “Erika is very windy”he said in a very mocking tone and then ended up laughing.

However, his fellow inmate The Farm 13 disliked and opened the game on twitter: “I honestly don’t understand a person I’ve always treated well, I speak fondly for other people to talk bad about me on a podcast. She even went to my birthday. What’s the point? Why didn’t you talk to me if you thought this about me?”asked the dancer.

Divided, some followers claim that the discourse of Mileide Mihaile it was not a negative review: “I didn’t hear any evil in her speech. She said vtzeira in an artistic sense, try to find out with her, it’s nicer to settle down between you two”. Another fan also wrote: “You’re being a cookie. You’re bald to know he didn’t badmouth you. If you didn’t understand the intention of the ‘vetezera’ look again”.

Others have sided with Erika Schneider: “She’s very fake, she doesn’t deserve your friendship”, declared one. “It’s because you’re an amazing human being, Erika!! That makes people jealous… But don’t worry about that”another fan commented.


Source: Terra

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