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‘Nervous to be myself’: ‘Wandinha’ star, Jenna Ortega cries when she reveals the pressure of social networks.

Jenna Ortega participates in the picture of Variety magazine and ends up crying remembering the pressure she has suffered on social networks.

Jenna Ortega really gained fame after starring in ‘Wandinha’, Netflix series that will have 2 seasons with new charactersand in a candid interview for Variety, she vented on the subject of ‘social networks’. Not just Jenna, but an actress Elle Fanning was present in the painting ‘Actors on actors’.

Jenna Ortega has recently been critical of Wandinha’s script, however, was defended by the creators of the Netflix seriesbut in candid chat she was surprised to hear Elle Fanning – actress who squandered elegance in a low-cut dress at Cannes – that the colleague lost an interesting job because she didn’t have enough ‘number’ of followers.

“Even after we shot ‘Wandinha,’ they would come to my crew: ‘We like him, but we don’t know if he has enough name.’ And social media, what it does with anyone our age, is a game of comparison… it’s very manipulative”analyzed Jenna Ortega on the Variety board.

“After the series, I’m too nervous to post or even say anything there. [no caso o Instagram] or even be myself”added the actress – from the horror movie X: Death Mark – who revealed that she fears being criticized for her more sarcastic side on social media.

On the other hand, Jenna recalled working for Disney and also having a lot of pressure. “It said, ‘You’ll post three times a day. That’s how you build a following, engage, promote our show.’

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