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Journalist Elaine Santos, who died pregnant, lost her first child three years ago

The death of Brazilian journalist Elaine Santos, who is almost six months pregnant, continues to mourn the world of television.

According to Canção Nova, the chain where he worked, he “was admitted to emergency on Monday, November 20 in the morning due to respiratory failure.”

“Her health condition deteriorated and she and the baby did not survive,” explained the death, which occurred on Tuesday the 21st.

Journalist Elaine Santos spoke about the “miracle” of having a baby

A few days before her death, Elaine Santos posted an old photo on her Instagram account in which she appears to be holding her little Léo, the product of her relationship with her husband Fernando Carvalho.

The 38-year-old presenter accompanied the snap with a message in which she spoke about how great it is to be able to reproduce.

“Holding a child in your arms is a miracle. Either after long hours of waiting or struggling to ‘maintain’ the pregnancy,” she wrote at the beginning.

“Either you’ve faced scares, injections, hospitalization or had to overcome prematurity,” she continued. “Even if you haven’t experienced it, having a child in your arms is a miracle,” she said.

She shared this text in the context of World Premature Children’s Day, celebrated on November 17.

Elaine Santos suffered the loss of her first child

Although Elaine Santos did not refer to personal experience in her letter, Revista Quem recalled, after her death, that she lost her first child three years ago to a “spontaneous abortion.”

Ederaldo Henrique Paulini, Canção Nova’s cameraman and communicator partner, recounted the difficult stage he went through then.

“She was bleeding and the (amniotic) sac ruptured. They had to do a C-section with the child already dead, and they didn’t know the sex, she got to see the baby, she saw it was a boy and they named him Theo,” she said.

“There could be no awakening, because the baby had to be at least a few weeks old. At that time (she) was very upset and was secretly crying,” he added.

On his social network feed, Santos posted a postcard on November 5, 2020 that showed his hand, with a probe, taking that of his partner, Fernando Carvalho. However, he did not explain what happened to him.

It was a month later that she announced, “An angel is watching over me from heaven,” confirming that her firstborn was no longer with her.

Just before the year ended on December 30, Elaine expressed her feelings about what had happened. “For the best 5 months of my life, thank you!” he noted in his post.

“For 20 weeks I smiled with my eyes, I had a relaxed laugh hidden in masks, I was overflowing with all the best feelings in the world,” she said.

“I’m talking about love, not absence! It’s not about leaving it, it’s about staying…”, he added at the bottom of the portrait showing the moment he and Carvalho released several blue balloons into the sky.

Over the years, she remembered Theo on several occasions, including on October 24, 2023, when she dedicated to him the words: “Our family was born with you, thank you for the time you were able to stay.”

Source: univision

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