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After the separation from Neymar, Bruna Biancardi faces the main challenge of motherhood: ‘Difficult days’

Mavie, daughter of Neymar and Bruna Biancardi, turns 2 months old next Wednesday (06). Check out the influencer’s statement.

Bruna Biancardi opened a question box for followers this Saturday afternoon (02). The influencer, who gave birth to little Mavie, who will soon be two months oldinvited the audience to talk about motherhood. The girl’s interaction with fans comes five days after she confirmed the end of her relationship with Neymar.

Bruna, who shared her routine with her baby in detail, revealed that her main challenge so far has been breastfeeding, something that was also recently confided to her by B├írbara Evans, who just had twins. “I didn’t give up, I’m here and today went very well”, began the brunette.

Bruna says she didn’t feel any pain or soreness in her breasts, but she had trouble getting her daughter to learn to breastfeed. “I thought babies were born knowing how to breastfeed and suck. And no! They need to learn this sucking motion. It was difficult at first, for her to learn to suck and latch properly. We had difficult days. I was learning, Mavie too, but I didn’t give up,” he reinforced.


Still in the sincere relationship, Bruna admitted that she thought about giving up breastfeeding due to tiredness. Because Mavie was born weeks early, she needed a routine of feeding every two hours to gain weight.

“There were days when I felt like it [de desistir], that she was very hungry, she screamed, I was tired, at dawn, waking up millions of times at night. The first days…

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