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‘Delicate moment’: After curing cancer, Preta Gil explains recovery from new surgery

Preta Gil is recovering from surgery to remove her ileostomy bag, an asset that helped her during treatment for bowel cancer. This Saturday (2), the artist explained what recovery is.

Preta Gil has gone through another phase of his treatment for bowel cancer. The singer, who did a surgery to remove the ileostomy bagappeared on his social network to talk about the next steps of the treatment.

“I’m fine, I’m fine recovering from this second surgery. It’s time to relearn some things. The intestine starts to function again, to slow down… It’s all delicate, but it will pass and I will get better every day,” he said, confident in his full recovery.

The daughter of Gilberto Gil she also recorded a video while walking through the corridors of the hospital where she is hospitalized. “We will leave soon”, assured a friend of the artist, who accompanied her along the route.

Preta Gil has been fighting cancer for almost a year

It was in January 2023 that Preta Gil discovered he had a adenocarcinoma in the final portion of the intestine. Seven months later, the artist suffered a definitive surgery to remove the tumor.

The positive result arrived immediately afterwards and Preta Gil was finally able to celebrate his recovery: “And the result came that, yes, the my body is free of cancer cells. The surgery was a success, we had total removal of the tumor with a margin. And this means that, at the moment, my body is free of these cells, but healing is a process, healing still involves the rehabilitation that I need to do to get my sphincter working, I will still keep the bag [de ileostomia] for three months and then I come back, because it’s temporary,” he explained.


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