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Lupillo Rivera holds nothing back and reacts to Chiquis’ claim and message against his uncles

Finally one of the members of Los Rivera spoke who had to express his position regarding the most recent and controversial statements he made. Chiquis About your family: Lupilo Rivera.

“El Toro del Corrido” did not remain silent about what his niece said last weekend at a concert he gave in Los Angeles in which He criticized the actions of his uncles.

I am very disappointed by some people“, who they say they are, who say they love my mother, who do everything for her and talk bad about my brothers, who want to take away from them or what they took from them what my mother worked so many years to give us ” claimed her eldest daughter Jenni.. Rivera.

“Her fans know very well that she always said that everywhere she worked for her children, “Not for her sister, not for her brother, not for her mother or her father, she was working for who? For her children,” she concluded as the audience applauded.

Although he did not mention them explicitly, the lawsuit is public and discord that Chiquis and her four siblings have with their uncles Juan and Rosie Riverawho until January 2022 worked for the two companies that protect the legacy and property of Jenni Rivera.

In fact, Rosie was the CEO of the companies and This position is now held by Jacqie Rivera, one of the three daughters of the late “Diva de la Banda”.

What did Lupillo say about Chiquis after her controversial statements?

Chiquis’ uncle reacted to his niece’s statements via “live” when one of his followers asked him his opinion on the matter.

“Chiquis is Chiquis and Chiquis can talk and say what she feels in his heart,” he said on the show he took over Wake up America this Wednesday December 6th.

I pay my respects to Chiquis “He’s doing very well” she assured and casually texted him amid the controversy and family feud.

Chiquis: you’re doing it big“Go on, go on,” he told her.

“Just (say and) I see you and you don’t have to worry about anything“, he said to settle the matter.

Lupillo and his support of Chiquis in the Rivera drama

It’s not the first time Lupillo shows support to Chiquis amid the current family drama that has torn the Riveras apart.

In January 2022, Chiquis did a ‘live’ where she revealed an alleged embezzlement of $80,000 in the company of his mother, a robbery allegedly committed by someone very close to his aunt Rosie Rivera.

Except, accused his uncle Juan Rivera for allegedly demanding a $300,000 payment for work he did for the companies.

You guys are not doing anything wrongand yes, your mother’s legacy is yours,” Lupillo wrote in the comments of the video Chiquis posted at the time.

It worked for younothing more,” he added, “you have every right to live off the name Jenny Rivera forever!”

Source: univision

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