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Bruna Biancardi’s sister comments on the use of social media after the robbery: ‘It’s scary’

The influencer says the family “posts very little about what they do on a daily basis” and has reported other changes in the security of the home where they live

Bianca Biancardi, the influencer’s sister Bruna Biancardi, took to his Instagram to talk about the changes in his family’s attitude and behavior after they were recently victims of a robbery. She touched on the topic after a fan asked, “Has anything changed since the robbery? How are you coping?”

“Something nice. [Agora temos] security guards fixed in the house, security guards with us everywhere. It could be a trip to the market next door, let’s go together. Alarms on every door and window in the house, motion sensors, cameras everywhere, and a generator, because we already had cameras, but we didn’t have daylight,” he continued.

Biancardi also spoke on the topic of the use of social networks: “Apart from various and different measures, who we work with here, who we live with, what we say to people, with what we publish. We post very little of what we do” on a daily basis, precisely because it was scary, really, and it is scary. And don’t show what we have, what we do.”

“We have nothing of value other than taking these precautions. Have you received a piece of jewelry from someone? Don’t publish it. Have you bought a bag? Don’t publish it. Because there are bad people watching,” he concluded.

Remember the robbery at the home of Bruna Biancardi’s family

The suspects who broke into the home of influencer Bruna Biancardi stole jewelery and valuables with an estimated value of R$500,000 and R$600,000, as revealed by delegate Mônica Gamboa in Estadao in an interview at the Cotia police station in Sao Paulo.

The crime occurred last morning and lasted about 25 minutes. The influencer and his daughter were not present at the scene, but his parents, who were at home, were taken hostage by the criminals. The two are already well, as revealed by Bruna on Instagram.

The men invaded Bruna Biancardi’s house with weapons and took the influencer’s parents hostage. They asked where Bruna and Mavie were, but the police ruled out the possibility of a kidnapping attempt, as the criminals demanded jewelry and money.

Bruna’s mother proved that the home safe was empty. “One of them asked: ‘What do you mean that Neymar’s mother-in-law has no money at home?’. And she said: ‘It’s like you said, I’m just the mother-in-law. I’m not him, I have no money. here,'” Mônica explained.

Then they asked Bruna’s mother to take them to where the child’s jewelry and other valuables were located. In addition to the jewelry, they took five watches, Bruna’s parents’ rings and three luxury brand bags.

Bianca and Bruna Biancardi, sisters, with little Mavie

Source: Terra

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