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Listen to 20 songs from The Killers’ “Rebel Diamonds” compilation

The Killers have just released a commemorative album of their best hits. Titled Rebel diamondsthe record has 20 tracksstarting with four songs by Big confusiontheir 2004 debut album, following more recent hits such as lad AND Your part of the city. Furthermore, the big news is unprecedented Spirit, a song that promises to be sung loudly at the most important festivals. The album is now available on digital platforms via Universal Music, via Island records.

Rebel diamonds is a curated dive into an impressive catalog of songs and musicianship, cementing the band as one of rock’n’roll’s most important voices over the past two decades. The album contains at least one song from each of the band’s seven studio albums, from their breakthrough debut album, Big confusionwhich is completed 20 years in 2024, until the last LP pressure machine2021. This work highlights the group’s versatility and durability in the ever-evolving alternative music scene.

The collection is made up of songs that embody the essence of Assassins as a band, including some of their favorites that have resonated over the years – songs like Be stillfrom the album The battle is born2012, o Dying racefrom the album The implosion of the mirage2020, or A fairy tale in the dustfrom the album Day and age from 2008, which the band recently re-recorded and presented Bruce Springsteen.

“It has been said that what is remembered lives on,” reflects the singer Brandon Flowers in the album trailer. “We’ve accumulated stadiums full of memories over the last 20 years, enough to fill lifetimes. Twenty songs in twenty years – ‘Rebel Diamonds’.”


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