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Mariana Levy’s son already has another invitation to not spend Christmas alone and eating pizza

José Emilio Levy, the son of the deceased Mariana Levy and José María Fernández “Pirru”, confessed on November 24 that I would spend Christmas alone at homesince he had no one to meet after being estranged from his family.

“A series about pizza and watch on Netflix, I don’t meet anyone“, he said on the show “De Primera Mano”. “I don’t have anyone to meet, so I’ll spend my Christmas happy and comfortable with myselfhe added.

Days later, his uncle Pato Levy stated on the same show, directed by Gustavo Adolfo Infante, that he would contact his nephew to extend an invitation and they would meet as a family.

“Now that you’re telling me about Jose Emilio, I have a great idea. With you, I’m going to call him and see if he wants to spend Christmas with me and my kids,” said the son of the deceased. Talina Fernandez.

José Emilio Levy already has a second invitation to spend Christmas

Ariel López Padilla, father of his sister María Levy and who has helped him through difficult times, said that if the teenager wants he can approach his family to celebrate the date.

“Of course I should write to him, He’s just not there and we’ve let him know. (…) Sometimes you want to be alone, that’s something else and it’s also true, right?’ he said on the show “De Primera Mano” on December 8.

“With Jose Emilio he has his house, my house, the house with my wife, with my other children who (are) his other brothers, he also has Maria, she will be with me at Christmas. If he will, all is By will, the door is open, If you have a will, the house is open for him“, shown.

The actor knows that December has a strong emotional charge.

“These are dates I say you have to make strong emotional adjustments, in those dates I lost my brother several years ago, my mother also passed away, you start to remember people because you start to remember family moments, but I think that’s life, it goes on, it discovers,” he said.

The relationship between José Emilio Levy and Ariel López Padilla

In various interviews, the teenager has reiterated the affection and gratitude he feels for the father of his half-sister, Maria Levy.

“He is wonderful with me, they have helped me in everything, his wife invites me to eat at home, I go to wash my clothes there and I am with my brothers, that is, they are Maria’s brothers, but I consider them my brothers“I like them a lot,” he said on the show “Ventaneando” last July.

“I never imagined that we would be in a relationship, I realized that he is someone who really loves me, who He supports me no matter what and I thank him with all my heart.he confessed.

Source: univision

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