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Court withholds Dado Dolabella’s driving license and passport due to R$450,000 debt

The actor has debts related to the rent of a penthouse, where he lived until 2013

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A decision by Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro determined the maintenance of the National Driving License (CNH) and the passport of the actor Dado Dolabella43 years old, due to a debt of R$450 thousand. The debt arose due to non-payment of rent on a penthouse where he lived until 2013, the year he was evicted.

The information comes from the column of journalist Lucas Pasin, of UOLand have been confirmed by Earth. The signature is of judge Alexandre de Carvalho Mesquita, of the IV Business Court, of Rio, on December 5th.

In September, Dado was sentenced by the Public Prosecutor to pay the debt or enter into an agreement to pay the amount in ten installments. Since there was no agreement, the Rio Court ordered the preservation of the documents.

OR Earth I tried to contact Dado Dolabella, but so far I have received no response. The space remains open for demonstrations.


Dado Dolabella incurred the debt in 2013 due to non-payment of rent on a 320m2 penthouse in Recreio, in the west of Rio de Janeiro. In October this year, the value of the debt increased to R$450 thousand, in adjusted values. Currently the debt could be even greater.

According to the journalist from UOL, Dato was more than ten months behind in rent until he was evicted. The debt has not yet been paid.

No assets were found in the plaintiff’s name to secure the debt amount and, therefore, the Court chose to withhold the documents. The insolvency ruling was published in Official Journal of Justice of Rio de Janeiro on September 28th.

Civil insolvency is similar to bankruptcy, but concerns natural and legal persons who are not characterized as businesswomen. It is characterized by a court decision when the debts are greater than the debtor’s assets.

Now, Dado Dolabella must have his assets administered by a creditor, who the Court has defined as his lawyer. He will be responsible for managing any assets and representing the debtor in court.

Source: Terra

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