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Doctors report suspected fraud in the residence certificate at the Santa Casa of SP

In one of the rooms on the east side the envelopes arrived open, without the necessary amount of evidence; the entity claims to take measures “so that no harm occurs to candidates”

Candidates for the public competition for the Specialization in Pediatrics at the Confraternity of Holy House of Mercy of Saint Paul (ISCMSP) they complain of cheating in the test this Saturday, the 9th, on the campus of the Anhembi Morumbi University, in Mooca, east of São Paulo. According to the candidates, the envelopes were already open when they arrived in at least one of the testing rooms and were not complete.

Santa Casa de Misericórdia informs that it is carrying out the “necessary investigations and that measures are being taken, together with the Instituto Mais de Gestão e Desenvolvimento Social, which is the company in charge of carrying out the test, so that no losses are caused to the candidates”.

A group of candidates went to the 8th DP, in Belenzinho, and filed a police report. On social media, various groups are mobilizing to call the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Regional Council of Medicine (Cremesp) and ask for the competition to be canceled on charges of fraud.

The competition offered 24 vacant positions and, to fill the position, one must be a doctor. The test is the same for all participants who enter direct access healthcare residences.

“In our room, number 72, with about 60 candidates, the bag arrived open. The inspector counted in front of us and 20 tests were missing. There was in fact a fraud. How can 20 tests disappear out of thin air? “, asks Dr. Paulo Sergio Gomes, 26 years old, at the Estadao. Paulo, who works as a doctor in Recife, came to Sao Paulo exclusively for the test.

The candidates present in the room refused to take the test and asked the institution for explanations given the suspicion of fraud in the competition, pursuant to article 311-A of the penal code. Doctors report that some candidates shouted from the window, asking the neighbors of the building to call the police: the candidates were not allowed to take away their cell phones, which were taken during the test.

Students in other classes say on social media that the report of fraud spread quickly, causing a climate of apprehension. There are reports of candidates starting to cry; Inspectors were in and out of the room looking for information. Despite the mismatch of information, candidates from other rooms took part in the competition.

In the formal procedure for conducting the medical residency test and other public competitions, the test package must be sealed and opened in front of the candidates in the test administration room.

According to participants, the organizers of the competition offered candidates to take the tests that were in another sealed bag, but the option was discarded. Another option is to take the exam in January or February of the following year.

Below is the full note sent by Santa Casa de Misericórdia:

“The Medical Residency Commission (Coreme) of Santa Casa de São Paulo informs that all necessary investigations are being carried out in relation to the application of the Medical Residency Competition. We emphasize that all necessary measures have been taken together with the Instituto Mais de Management and Social Development, which is the company in charge of administering the test, so that no harm is done to the candidates.”

Source: Terra

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