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Ezra Miller is protecting a woman with three children on a farm with guns and ammo

A source told Rolling Stone magazine that a one-year-old boy had a stray bullet in his mouth.

After being charged with harassment and assault, actor Ezra Miller would be which houses a 25-year-old woman and her three children on a farm in Vermont, United States. The information comes from the magazine. rolling stone.

According to the vehicle, the father of the children, aged between one and five, and sources familiar with the situation say the environment is unsafe. The house, an estate of approximately 96 acres, has weapons and ammunition left unprotected.

One of the sources, who according to the magazine prefers to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation, said the one-year-old son even took a stray bullet and put it in his mouth.

They also claim that the actor makes indiscriminate use of marijuana near the children and that the farm has a drug plantation, which, according to the rolling stoneit is not among those authorized by the state of Vermont.

The children’s mother, on the other hand, claims that Miller helped her out of an abusive relationship and that the farm is a safe place. “They may have firearms in self-defense and are in a part of the house that children never go to,” she told the magazine.

According to rolling stoneThe family has been on the actor’s estate since mid-April, but they met in March when Miller visited Hawaii.

The father of the children, who denies the abuse allegations, told the outlet that he has not been allowed to see his children since. He also claims that he did not call the police or try to confront Miller because he “doesn’t want the children to see anything like that,” but that he sought help from social services and was unsuccessful.

The story of Ezra Miller

This is just another of the controversial situations that have involved Ezra Miller in recent months. Between March and April he was arrested twice in Hawaii on charges of assault, robbery and threat.

Also in June, the actor was accused of assaulting and drugging a fan he’d been in a relationship with since he was 12. The family asked for a restraining order against him.

Miller was then charged with molesting another child, a 12-year-old non-binary person, and received another restraining order. The actor, who plays The Flash in the DC Comics film franchise, sees his future uncertain and should be cut off from future plans with Warner Bros.

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