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‘Something irreversible…’: Fernanda Gentil opens up about the diagnosis of a serious illness and reveals desperation due to the fear of remaining paralyzed

Diagnosed with Bell’s palsy, where half of her face cannot move, Fernanda Gentil spoke openly about the first symptoms and the fear of having irreversible consequences. Look at the report!

The presenter Fernanda Gentil And going through a delicate moment in his life after revealing his diagnosis Bell’s palsyillness already addressed by celebrities like Angelina Jolieand discovered by former Globo contractor immediately after Carnival.

During an interview with the newspaper O Globo, the now YouTuber revealed that his first contact with the symptoms of paralysis was a shock, because he didn’t expect it and much less had any idea. How would you tell your wife? Priscila Montandon.

“When I realized that something wasn’t as it should be, I was already locked in the bathroom, in front of the mirror and making expressions on myself. That’s when I had the confirmation that something was happening. It was my biggest scare and fright “he said. she famously said that even before the test she had felt her mouth numb.

“It was a moment with myself, trying to understand and calm down to be able to share it with Priscila. It was the most anguishing moment, because we only think about the bad things,” added Fernanda Gentil, who recently had a supernatural experience.

Bell’s palsy can leave consequences

Also during the interview, Fernanda Gentil admitted that she had clung to her faith to face the discovery of the disease, which occurred after an MRI. Without knowing what her future would be, the presenter recounted her desperate fear that her face would never return to normal:

“I asked, for the love of God, that it wasn’t anything serious, that you didn’t play that joke on me at this time in my life. And that it was something that…

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