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Maiara appears in a bikini in a video, her mother notices a change in the singer’s face and suggests a drastic change in her diet: ‘You have to…’

Criticized for her body, Maiara posted a new video on Instagram Stories during an interaction with her mother, and confessed to drinking alcohol.

At the moment weighing 47 kilos with 27% body fatsinger Maiara he was not discouraged criticism about your body thin and immobile use and abuse, without moderation, bikini photos and videos on social media.

This Tuesday (02), the singer, who has already shown what she eats to maintain her bodyshe appeared once again in a bikini showing off all her curves and turbocharged breasts, who recently received silicone implants. This time, an interaction with his mother, Almira Pereirahe ended up revealing another drinking problem that has already led to criticism towards the artist.

“What’s happening mum?”, said Maiara in the stories, cuddled in a video. With her hand on her face, the matriarch explained, “Nothing, I think you have a bag here, I’ve never seen it before,” she explained, feeling the area under the singer’s face.

“Cachaça,” Maiara replied, smiling. Her mother then suggested a change in her diet: “So you need to drink something, a lot of water to be able to retain liquids“, informed Almira. It is worth mentioning that, recently, Maraisa’s sister was blasted on social media when she appeared drunk in several shows.

Maiara says she is happy with her current body

With the topic on the agenda in recent weeks, also evaluated by a medical specialist for PurepeopleMaiara spoke in an interview with gshow reacting to the criticism she has faced, but he was careful not to be discouraged by what he read on the internet:

“[Estou] super happy, I feel very good. It is funny…

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