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Bad Barbie on her millions of views videos and the secrets of great photos


Nastya, hello! You are a successful blogger and member of the XO Team. Tell us, what is the difference between ordinary life and life with the XO Team?

The differences are colossal! First of all, in time and employment. Now I have a lot of work, filming: personal, general shooting, all kinds of shows, events that you go to every day. You don’t have days off and it’s getting harder and harder to find time for yourself. But even this has a plus: so you begin to truly appreciate the time. When the day is busy, it is difficult to follow the regimen: sleep, meals go astray due to an irregular schedule, since you have to be mobile 24/7.

Your videos are popular all over the world. What is the process of their creation?

All my videos are based on real events – people like to watch realistic stories that somehow touch their lives. The viewer needs emotional contact and a beautiful visual – he must feel the connection, hence the interest arises. It happens that I am inspired by the work of my friends and colleagues, my favorite music and films.

You already have some of your own tracks. Is it a hobby or do you approach the issue professionally?

I have a professional approach to matters related to music, but, unfortunately, everything is a little more complicated than it seems at first glance: my time is devoted mainly to filming. Music is what energizes and inspires me, but not the main activity.

What is it like to record tracks with such hearing characteristics as yours? Does it interfere with the creative process?

My musical ear is very well developed, unlike the one we use in everyday life. I was engaged in dancing, listened to a lot of different music, so I can call myself savvy in this matter. The only negative is that when I listen to some tracks, I can’t recognize everything that the artist is talking about, otherwise I don’t single out hearing problems that interfere with my career.

Many people are inspired by love when writing music. Do you currently have something similar?

Of course, love inspires me. All the songs of the world speak of love – for someone or something. Mine are no exception. Unfortunately, most of my songs are about unrequited love, but I hope that in the future I will be able to please listeners with more positive stories.

Now many parents are concerned about the problem of bullying, especially for moms and dads of teenagers. Have you had a similar experience in your life, and how did it affect your life?

Yes, of course, I faced such a problem at school age. When I was dancing, I was bullied by my girlfriends for hearing, as well as teachers and acquaintances. My speech was also ridiculed – everyone teased me with a lisp. The acting teacher said that I was not subject to training and I could forget about the career of an actress. In general, I take this calmly. Bullying in some way makes you stronger, helps you more staunchly resist life’s obstacles and haters that each of us encounter on the way.

Aside from music, your creative products are mostly photos and videos. Share a few beauty secrets?

There is no secret. For me, beauty is being yourself. Basically, if it’s not about the photo, I love natural shades of makeup, I’m for nude. All I do in everyday life is arrows and lightly made up, natural freckles. When you behave naturally, you not only increase your own attractiveness, but also attract the right people into your life. Beauty is in simplicity.

Are there any life hacks of your own worked out – how to successfully turn out in a photo during filming?

There are no life hacks, everything comes with experience. The only useful secret that can come in handy during filming: if you want a flat stomach, do not eat breakfast in the morning and set the morning shooting.

What are your plans ahead, maybe you want to move from Tik Tok (the social network is banned on the territory of the Russian Federation) to a big movie?

There are grandiose plans ahead: I really want to star in a feature film, but right now I am in the process of creating a short film – I hope it will be released by the end of summer and will be able to please the audience. I also plan to shoot in the series and release new tracks. I will continue to delight my fans with creative videos on YouTube and TikTok (banned in the Russian Federation).

Source: Hellomagazine

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