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Ana Castela and Gustavo Mioto are back together for the third time and the fans’ reaction: ‘Again?’

According to the singer, this time the intention is to keep the relationship out of the spotlight

Ana Castela20 years, and Gustavo Mioto, 27 years old, are back together. The two confirmed the information in the early hours of Wednesday 1st, before the singer’s show in Ribeirão Preto, in the interior of São Paulo. The girl, who was backstage, confirmed and also went on stage. They sang there Confine and they even exchanged a kiss on the mouth, leaving the audience in euphoria.

“We’re back. We’re talking, we’ve been together for a few days now and we try to keep things between us more, so we can live,” said Gustavo Mioto, still in the locker room, in an interview with G1.

He then acknowledged that popular pressure has damaged the relationship and stressed that, this time, he intends to keep the romance out of the spotlight.

“Know, fundamentally, your profession [jornalistas] It doesn’t allow us to live in peace with all this. But let’s live as peacefully as possible. It wasn’t interference [da mídia], but the pressure of having to explain, always talking about the same thing, and this agenda is always tiring. So, both at the beginning and at the end of things, this agenda continues to torment us and does not help. In order for us to really create a relationship, to get to know each other, I think we needed this thing just like we do,” she added.

Ana Castela: who is the most listened to singer in Brazil?
Ana Castela: who is the most listened to singer in Brazil?

Ana Castela and Gustavo Mioto broke up in January 2024. Since then, rumors about a possible reconciliation have been circulating on the Internet. Last Sunday, the 28th, the two were surprised holding hands at the singer’s father’s birthday party, which only corroborated the story.

It’s not the first time the two have gotten back together. They first started their relationship in June 2023. At the time it lasted until September of the same year. In October they announced that they had resumed their romance. However, in January 2024, they announced the end again.

“Hi guys. Out of respect for you who are rooting for Gu and my happiness, I came here to inform you that we are no longer a couple. Before you started talking, there was no pivot, betrayal, fight or anything else bad, we’re just not in the same moment. He’s an incredible guy, I’ll always be a fan of his and I’ll root for him in everything he does. That’s all I’ll say on this topic, please respect this moment “Ana wrote. , in a report published in early 2024.

At the moment, Gustavo Mioto He asked his admirers to give him privacy at this fragile time.

Everything about the relationship between Ana Castela and Gustavo Mioto
Everything about the relationship between Ana Castela and Gustavo Mioto

“Hi guys, I’m not a big social media person, you know, but today I came here to tell you that Ana and I are no longer together. Same reasons, different times and desires, unfortunately. Ana deserves happiness and all that . life has to offer. Don’t romanticize relationships or make up crazy theories, everything has worked out between us, in a positive way, and that’s all. I sincerely ask you to respect this moment.”

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