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Marlene Favela finally talks about the son of Fernando Colunga and Blanca Soto: “What a beauty”

Marlene Favela finally reacted to the news that last March, Fernando Colunga became a fatherfor the first time, alongside actress Blanca Soto.

Marlene Favela talks about Fernando Colunga’s son

Just a week after the airing of the last episode of ‘El Maleficio’, a ‘Güero’ Castro production starring Marlene and Fernando, Alix Aspe confirmed on N+’s ‘Despierta’ that Colunga made his debut as father of one child.

During a recent meeting with the press, Marlene Favela was asked if she had already had the opportunity to speak with her partner to congratulate him or give him advice about raising children.

“Name, who am I to give advice? I am not who,” he answered at the beginning of the interview that Edén Dorantes posted on YouTube on May 1.

However, the actress reacted with surprise and even disbelief to the news of Fernando Colunga’s new paternity.

“How; When were we recording the novel? No, impossible, I would have found out, how? Hello, I live on another planet,” he wondered as reporters detailed the arrival of Colunga’s heir.

Marlene Favela, still in disbelief, assured that during the recording she shared with the soap opera heartthrob, she never spoke about the then imminent arrival of her first child.

“But is it real? When were we recording the novel? No, he didn’t share it. I didn’t know, I’m learning,” he declared.

Marlene Favela congratulates Fernando Colunga on his recent fatherhood

The actress sent congratulations to the first father, and as soon as she learned that the mother was Blanca Soto, she predicted that the baby must be a beauty.

“I love Fernando very much and if so, if it’s true, I’m very happy, a child is always a blessing,” she shared. “Oh look (with Blanca Soto)! How beautiful, imagine this baby, well, what a beauty!’

Marlene Favela explained that, during television projects, actors usually do not talk about their personal lives, because, in fact, they have almost no time.

“In my work environment, I go to work, to talk about the characters in the novel, it is very difficult for you to talk about your personal life with your colleagues because there is no time. Especially since we are in all the scenes, in all the sets, everywhere, no, it’s difficult,” he stressed.

Source: univision

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