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Kiss of millions, Kabbalah tattoo and more! 8 little-known facts about the relationship between Madonna and Britney Spears, queen and princess of pop

Madonna and Britney Spears have a long-standing relationship! Learn more about the million-strong friendship between the two pop legends:

Madonna, who is in Brazil for a historical show in Copacabanahas a great relationship with Britney Spears , who has been involved in a dispute with her current boyfriend. The queen and princess of pop have already starred in iconic moments together and have never hidden the affection they have for each other! OR Pure people separate 8 little known facts about friendship of music legends. Watch:

1 – Madonna and Britney kiss at the awards ceremony

This is not a little-known fact, but it couldn’t be left out of the list, as it has always shaped pop culture! In 2003, Madonna recreated her first performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, alongside Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Missy Elliot. The queen of pop dressed like her ‘groom’, while Britney and Christina opted for angelic white, but full of sensuality!

At one point, Madonna and Britney simply kissed on the mouth, which shocked everyone and increased MTV’s ratings. Justin Timberlake, who had recently broken up with the blonde, was in the audience and the camera zoomed in on his face. Sorry Christina and Missy, but the moment was all theirs! They offered it all: controversy, empowerment, talent and a lot of money!

2 – Madonna wore several Britney blouses in the 2000s

When Britney Spears burst into the world of pop, way back in 1999, Madonna already had an established career, but she didn’t stop grouping the innocent young girl of ‘Sometimes’. In several shots as she strolled the streets, the iconic ‘Like a Prayer’ singer wore blouses with…

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