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Spotify would block song lyrics from users of the free version

Spotify seems to have found a new way to convince its free users to try a paid subscription: putting a paywall on song lyrics.

Reddit users have already shared several reports of lyrics that could only be accessed via a subscription, but, to date, Spotify has not made an official announcement about the introduction of this new “service.”

In contact with TechCrunch, Spotify said its features may vary over time, depending on markets and devices. A statement indicating that the lyric change may be more than just a test, but that Spotify is not yet willing to make an official announcement regarding the affected markets.

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Spotify blocked access to lyrics for free users last year

The current discourse has changed and the company no longer claims that access to texts via premium subscription is only a test. The curious thing is that access to song lyrics is not yet listed among the benefits of having a paid streaming service.

One reason could be that the company still wants to test the monthly letter limit for free accounts. Users who use Spotify without paying report seeing messages saying that every time they tap “show lyrics,” it counts towards the new limit.

Meanwhile, in the first quarter of this year the company reached more than 600 million monthly active users, higher than estimates, and paying subscribers reached more than 236 million, representing a growth of 15% year-on-year .

The move to block song lyrics for those who don’t subscribe to the premium plan, which is clearly an attempt to get more people to subscribe, will have to compete with the fact that song lyrics are readily available and free on the web and elsewhere apps that work with Spotify, such as Genius, Shazam or Musixmatch.

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