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Botafogo fans go crazy with coach Artur Jorge: ‘You could feel your finger’

Also discover all the Juventus coach’s answers in the post-match press conference

Fogão fans are completely “arturized” and went crazy after Botafogo won the Copa do Brasil. As a result, the Bianconeri continue to “feel the finger” of coach Artur Jorge. Below are the reactions and the entire press conference of the Portuguese coach.



– We had a more apathetic first half. I think the match wasn’t very happy on our part, we have to admit that. We lacked more hunger, more desire to be aggressive and it is precisely for this reason that, in the final, I tried to insist, not only because this is a match that has two games to decide, so one goal can be decisive, but because Per me was important at that moment.


– What was in my work in the five victories is the same as in the defeats. I have 7 games. What we need is time to create an identity, create an idea. For me the most important thing is the players, what they do with their mission. I hope and want it to become their idea. When this is the case, things become easier.


– It is obvious that in the context of the game that we tried to put into practice, with the construction, the criteria and the achievement of the objective, we ended up scoring the goal that gave the result. It’s a good victory but it doesn’t decide anything. It’s an advantage.


– What was in my work in the five victories is the same as in the defeats. I have 7 games. We have achieved this goal. What we need is time to create an identity, create an idea. In the short time we had, at the beginning of my presence.

– For me the most important thing is the players, what they do with their mission. At this point the idea is the closest to what I want. I hope and want it to become their idea. When this is the case, things become easier.


– There are two players who, although often occupying the same space, are players with different characteristics. Junior looks for depth, more often runners to get the edge.

– Luiz is a more technically advanced player, he likes to play in more internal areas, he has no problems playing close to the opponent because he has the qualities to emerge in 1 x 1 duels. They are two players who fit perfectly into the structure that I designed to Botafogo.


– Cuiabano performed as expected. I didn’t expect the best match of his life today. He is a player who today, in front of the fans, felt the weight of his shirt. Responsibility game for him. When he did it, he was confident in what he did.

– Also try to better understand what we want for the team and also what is his understanding of his role and his colleagues. On the social side he is integrated.


– I wouldn’t say improvise, but create different dynamics. We start the game with 4 mobile players on offense. There was a more permanent player, initially we put Luiz Henrique in position 9, but with all the freedom to alternate to have a different dynamic.

– Both number 9s are injured. We have Junior Santos filling this role and today it was important to have him as a solution rather than a starter due to his physical condition. There are 3 matches this week and it is important to take care of the athletes’ health


– Switching on and off happens more from match to match than from competition to competition. We have to hurry, and so I also said in that brief conversation I had with the athletes still on the field, that it was important to start preparing and thinking about Bahia, who will be here to face us in three days.

– So, this is quickly my concern, because we don’t have time to celebrate victories, we don’t have time for regrets or euphoria, we just need to go back today and start thinking. So at this point let’s just talk about Bahia, because that’s how we need to look forward here.

– At this point the main part is us and more specifically the athletes who focus on the next match because this one is over and this one is winning and now we have to look at the next one.


– If I didn’t have faith in the athlete, he would certainly never play. One of the fundamental points for me is the work, the performance, the commitment to the team and the trust in what he can offer on the pitch. It is a job that we do with everyone to enhance our qualities at the service of the community. For me there can be no one more important than the Botafogo collective.


– It is a fundamental principle that we must have and understand, that is, have a better defensive performance. Which will not depend exclusively on the defensive line, but on the whole team. We started defending in the high areas and inside the offensive field. It is a collective mission. We scored the goal from behind. This desire to know how to defend well and to have fun defending was explored by us because it is a fundamental aspect. It’s a match in which the team must be compact.


– We know that he is an important player for us due to his quality, his experience and the game he played. Today, with a more mobile attack, he is a player who can add that too. At the time of the goal we already had a player in the area, Júnior.

– But it is essential that he can be in the finish area. He is returning from injury. I believe that in the future I will be able to have a greater impact on the team.


– Patrick returned to compete in the final stretch of the State Championship. We are talking about very different levels of demand. You are trying to match the caliber of your colleagues in the position. It is important how he gave himself to the game and how he did it.


– It is characteristic of the team to press very high, try to recover balls in high areas, position themselves in higher areas to recover, condition or force the opponent to define badly. Fouls sometimes make us lose some useful playing time.

– In the end we stopped many times, but these are the circumstances of the match, I don’t like it nor do I really want to stick to the decision made. Everyone has their own role, my role is to talk about my team, about what we do.

Source: Terra

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