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Pregnant for the second time, the former Chiquitita Renata Del Bianco SURPRISES in a photo with her daughter due to the strong resemblance: ‘Your face’

Renata Del Bianco, the former Chiquitita Vivi, is pregnant for the second time and posed with her 5-year-old daughter Aurora. The resemblance between them has impressed the web!

I experienced the first version of the telenovela “Chiquititas” (SBT, 1997/2001), Renata Del Bianco she is pregnant for the second time. Mother of Aurora, born on 28 July 2018, the actress, presenter, veterinarian and muse of the adult platform, in which she has already rehearsed in the uniform of the children’s plotshared a photo with the almost 6-year-old girl and surprised her followers by the resemblance between them (look down).

“My little companion!”, Renata dissolved, referring to the girl, the result of the relationship with the designer Daniele Simonini, from whom she separated in a troubled way after five years of marriage. Aurora’s beauty hasn’t gone unnoticed by most of the company’s 124,000 followers. former Chiquitita, target of attacks on the web for nude photo shoot.

“How big and beautiful she is,” one remarked. “This is huge,” a second continued. “What a doll,” added a third. “Beautiful,” added another follower of the former “Morning Show” host (RedeTV!). “Beautiful, it would be Lucia. A perfect doll”, said another, quoting Marina Beluzzo’s character in the original.

Renata Del Bianco’s daughter attracts attention for her resemblance to her mother, former ‘Chiquititas’

And the similarity was also highlighted by Instagram users. “Mini Vivi,” a second said, referring to the character, Tati’s sister (Ana Olívia Seripieri). “Just like a little doll, she looks like her mother,” a second said.

“Your face,” a third was impressed. “Your younger sister???”, another follower wanted to know. In “Chiquititas”, Vivi was motherless and saw her…

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