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Alina Lozano and Jim tearfully announce there was no pregnancy: actress explains what happened

Alina Lozano and her husband, Jim Velásquez, have revealed that she is not pregnant, as they announced in recent days.

It was early April when the couple shared on their social networks that their home pregnancy tests had come back positive.

Later, after they went to a medical laboratory and confirmed the result, they published images in which you could see the ultrasound they did on the actress.

Alina Lozano and Jim Velásquez will not have a child

Days after excitedly continuing to talk publicly about the issue, Alina Lozano and Jim Velásquez announced on May 3 that they will not be parents.

“We didn’t lose the baby. There was never a baby,” they wrote in a post on their digital platforms, along with a broken red heart emoji.

In the video also released, with her husband hugging her and wiping away her tears, the comedian was more specific.

“The ultrasound showed absolutely nothing, there is no baby. I go back and clarify: we didn’t lose the baby, it was something that didn’t happen,” he said.

The star of soap operas such as “Pedro, El Escamoso”, 55, delved into what happened to them to confirm that they were going to be parents.

“The procedure was successful, the thing is, as the doctor explained to us, there are false positives and ours was such a case,” he said.

“He (the doctor) told us that there are things like mine where it’s not just that the eggs are there, egg donation, what it’s called, which is a young woman’s eggs being implanted in the recipient, which in this case is me “, he added.

As for why the tests were positive, Lozano pointed out that he was given “a hormone” and that “that particular drug can change” the results.

Likewise, she explained that the various specialists who treated her recommended that she “wait a while” to go public with her alleged pregnancy, as it seemed “premature” for her to announce it.

Alina Lozano no longer wants to try to get pregnant

After explaining what happened, Alina Lozano made it clear that she no longer wants to continue with the medical procedure to get pregnant.

“We could go on, as the doctor says, we’re halfway there, but I don’t want to, there’s no money to take it,” he said.

Jim Velásquez, still emotional, reacted to his partner’s words: “I want to tell Alina that there are many other ways to have a baby, not only with egg donation, and I don’t want to give up.”

After the ‘influencer’ reminded her that there was an adoption, the actress asked him to calm down, whereupon he withdrew, no longer appearing in the recording.

Finally, Alina pointed out that for her “this page is closing”: “And it is a mourning that takes place, we must assume, fortunately I thank life that we did not lose a baby.”

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