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Looking for a VIP ticket for her mother, Drag Queen goes dressed as Madonna to Copacabana

Characterized as the queen of pop, Myah dreams of entering the presentation, which will take place this Saturday (4)


Drag Queen Myah came from Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, to see Madonna for the first time. She brought her mother, Angelita Oliveira, to accompany her to the show. That’s because she was the one who introduced the pop diva to Drag.

Self Madonna he inherited the name from his mother, the gaucho Vittorio Oliveira He inherited his love for the queen of pop from his mother. By purchasing a tribute album to the artist, Angelita Oliveira he touched his son deeply. Since then, his passion for the diva made him create the drag queen My God and even leave Pelotas to reach Rio de Janeiro and attend the historic show that will take place on Copacabana beach this Saturday 4th.

Childhood love for Madonna was easily achievable My God travel 1,847 kilometers from the city of Rio Grande do Sul to the capital Rio de Janeiro. In fact, not only her. You might say your “family fan club” formed over ‘s latest show The celebration tour. His mother, Angelita, also came to attend the show to celebrate the artist’s 40th anniversary.

“I traveled almost 2 thousand kilometers to come and see the show. I brought my mother with me. My mother is 50 years old and he has never seen the Madonna. And I came like this, in character, to try to get someone’s attention so I could get into the VIP area of ​​the show,” Myah says.

More than the emotion of enjoying the queen of pop’s show, just the concern for her mother’s well-being. A drag queen he explains that the desire for access to the special area is for Angelita’s comfort. 1.5 million people are expected for the show in Copacabana.

“He can’t feel comfortable around many people. So I’m trying to give you the most comfortable and safe experience for her. We were also mentioned in an article about scoreboard and Itaú hasn’t noticed us yet. Itaú, please notice us!”, he asked.

Mayah also guarantees that if she manages to access the VIP area, she will be present at the show. “The first time I see Madonna. The first time my mother goes to visit Madonna. So it’s a very special moment for both of us,” she revealed excitedly.

The return ticket was purchased for Monday 6th. A resident of Rio Grande do Sul, Myah guarantees that she will be able to return even amid the state of calamity caused by the rains in the state. According to her, the return has not been canceled so far.

Source: Terra

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