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‘Me, you and…’ Endrick’s girlfriend intervenes after controversial personal fingerprints are leaked onto the web and declares love

Gabriely Miranda, girlfriend of Palmeiras player Endrick, declared herself to the player after her name was involved in a real controversy over a former personal trainer. Find out how this story unfolds!

The relationship between Endrick player of palmsand the influencer Gabriele Miranda, It’s causing a lot of them controversies Networkranging from troubled relationship between the young woman and the player’s mother THE Also compromising prints leaked onto the web.

This Saturday (11), Endrick blocked an Internet user who had provoked the couple by exposing printouts of very compromising messages from Gabriely’s former personal trainer, who was torn between praising her and even saying that he loved her. Not exposed, the boy even compared the situation with that experienced by Beautiful AND Gracyanne Barbosa.

After the controversy, however, the influencer took action and demonstrated that, as she did with what the footballer’s mother said and did, she preferred to ignore the comments on the web.

In Instagram stories, Gabriely Miranda limited herself to publishing new photos next to her boyfriend behind the scenes of a photo shoot and took advantage of the moment to make a declaration of love for Endrick:”You, me and God“, wrote the young woman, emphasizing that external factors and people will not interfere in her relationship.

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Endrick’s mother does not approve of his marriage to Gabriely

In a recent appearance on the program ‘Conversation with Bial‘, Endrick, your mother Cynthia and Gabriely had a real vibe. The 17-year-old player, who will soon move to Spain to play for Real Madrid, has confessed his desire to get married and start a family soon.

“As I told my father and mother, I want…

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