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On NCIS M6: The arrival of a new character throws the lead couple into turmoil

This Saturday 11 May at 9.10pm, M6 airs the first two episodes of the new season 21 of NCIS, which is currently broadcasting in the US.

A new round of episodes that will feature change for Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen) and Jessica Knight (Katrina Lowe). Since last season, the two characters have been living a beautiful love story that is undermined by the arrival of a new character.

The arrival of a new character will turn everything upside down

The two show producers of the detective series, Stephen D. Binder and David North actually confide TVLine Last February, season 21 finally explored the surroundings of Katrina Lowe’s character.

Knight finds his own special family problems to deal with when his father shows up on the case.“- explain the showrunners. “And the latter has certain preconceived ideas about what her daughter should do in her life.

This new character, played by Russell Wong, an actor most notably in Westworld, will disrupt the couple’s life. “Obviously, we find our poor Jimmy Palmer stuck exactly where no one wants to be, which is in the middle of an argument between knights.

“My father is an important person”

Katrina Lowe and Brian Dietzen also spoke to our colleagues about the expected arrival of this character. “My dad is a very important character in the NCIS universe and he also knows how to kick some ass“- explained the actor.

For his part, Bryan Dietzen revealed that a meeting between his character and his girlfriend’s father did not happen.It’s not going to go as planned.” “Not exactly the best first impression Jimmy could have made!“.

Jessica’s father will also be subject to “triflesBetween Jessica and Jimmy. “He pushes Jess to confide in him“- explained Katrina Lowe. It will all culminate in an episode that, according to the latter, will be both “comforting” and “testing” for viewers.

One thing’s for sure, these 21 seasons won’t be a long, quiet river for the couple, as Palmer’s interpreter explains. “Love is not always a straight line. Sometimes it takes a few detours and hits obstacles along the way.

Find Season 21 NCIS Every Saturday evening from 9.10pm on the M6.

Source: Allocine

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