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Luiza Possi causes outrage by making a ‘joke’ about her son’s school complaint: ‘Lack of respect’

Singer Luiza Possi jokes by complaining about her son’s school and her statement causes controversy on social media

Singer Luiza Possi sparked controversy last Saturday afternoon, 05/11. The celebrity divided opinion when she shared a story involving the school of one of her children, Lucca OR Matteo.

The star reported that he had received a complaint against the heir. “Today I received a phone call from school, a note, saying that my son can’t sit and wait for his turn to talk, that he doesn’t know how to wait for his turn to talk, that he has drawing anxiety”he said, without naming names.

In a relaxed manner, Possi joked: “Then I thought about what I would answer. I feel like answering like this: ‘Girl, did you know he does all this here at home and I never called you to complain? Anyone can do it. I can do it from here and you’ll see each other from there.”


The daughter of Zizi Possi He stressed that it was just a joke and that the school did not react that way. “It’s a meme guys, I already replied to the note and it wasn’t like that“he assured.

However, the comment got people talking and she was blasted. “Lack of respect for professionals“said one.”Unaware”, another person said. “Absurd, I didn’t find it funny”, the third was fired.

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