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Family of artists! Bruna Marquezine’s sister starts a project focused on art and web styles react: ‘Talent comes from the cradle’

Luana, Bruna Marquezine’s younger sister, decided to follow in her relative’s footsteps and created an art project! On social media she explained how “Em Movimento” works and was praised by internet users.

Luanayounger sister of Bruna Marquezineto whom he gave everything MET Gala this year -, received praise online after announcing a new project focused on art. The young girl, who is already dating and is even shocked Sasha Meneghel, said she is the executive producer of a body-focused project based primarily on contemporary dance. ‘Em Movimento’ will hold meetings in Sao Paulo and anyone can sign up!

Luana explains the artistic project based on contemporary dance

At the end of last month Luana published a video on her ‘Em Movimento’ profile on Instagram in which she explained the project she is part of. “We talk about the body, which becomes the main object of study. It’s about the movement of the body, the body on stage, body art, body dance… essentially, the body in motion,” she said, quite enthusiastic about the album.

“For those interested in performance, performing arts, contemporary dance, it [o projeto] he moves a lot between these arts. Our methodology, in fact, is based on contemporary dance. If you are interested, it is not necessary to have a great depth of contemporary dance, but it is from this basis that we will be able to transmit sensations and desires to open paths to the body, movement and scene”, she continued, reinforcing the fact that she is very excited.

The profile has just over 1000 followers and was shared in Bruna Marquezine’s stories this Monday (13th). In 13 publications, the story explains how to register, where…

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