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My heart is yours actress has an accident: posts video of ‘removing glass from body’

This Monday the actress Isidora Vives suffered an accident. The “My Heart Is Yours” Actor He was in the bathroom with his mother when a glass door burst upon them, causing some injuries to their body.

The 21-year-old interpreter exposed the moments of terror she experienced on her social networks, where she also shared images of the incident that struck her his mother, the Chilean writer Carolina Concha.

“Brother, how scary. “Today I was afraid of a terrible fear” he wrote inside

“Today we almost died” He also noted on Instagram.

What is known about the Isi Vives accident

The performer of “Alicia” in “My heart is yours” (soap opera you can watch on ViX) revealed details of the incident in her bathroom in a video she posted on Instagram, where she was also seen with her mother.

Isidore Vives She reported that it was her sliding shower door that “popped” and that because both she and her mother were in the bathroom, some crystals were embedded in their bodies.

“My shower door blew off when we were both in the bathroom removing the glass from the body.” he clarified without elaborating.

In the video, Isi Vives is seen removing some crystals from her mother’s body with the help of tweezers. At the end of the recording both They show the camera the size of the crystals that were on their bodies.

“Nervous laughter,” said the “Mi Secreto” actress, without revealing what would cause the glass to break.

Source: univision

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